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  • Glide Bike™ – Go Glider™

  • Glide Bike™ Mini Glider™

  • Tegu Magnetic Blocks

  • Glide Bike™ Go Glider™

Job Description of a Great Toy.

It helps a child:

Suggest wholly new ideas and solutions.

Verbalize about their world.

Develop physical coordination and control.

Connect with one’s culture.

Create with their hands and imaginations.

Master materials and tools.

Explore in nature and science.

Develop a connection with natural beauty.

Find something truly good today.

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Why Choose True North Child?

Happy happens when a beautiful toy is matched to a child with thought and love.

Here you can find insight and understanding about your remarkable 3-6 year old child.

Here you can find simple and meaningful ways to support their growing emotions, brain and body.

True North Child wants to help families find the confidence to stride through the universe of kids wooden toys, fitness toys, developmental and educational toys – toys that matter – to find the one that is…just right.