“Creativity is connecting things.”  Steve Jobs

5 Tips for Great Block Building

  1. Get down on the floor and build with your child.  Demonstrate strategies and challenge each other. (motor skills)
  2. Combine block play with stories and props.  Get out the toy cars, animals and people. (imagination)
  3. Use pictures or drawings of buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels for inspiration.  (problem solving)
  4. Encourage cooperative building.  Taking turns and listening to another’s ideas are great skills to practice. (social skills)
  5. Use adjectives and prepositions as you build.  “I am putting the yellow triangle behind the blue cylinder.”  (language acquisition)

Quite simply, building with blocks is the ultimate science investigation: trial, error, adjust, repeat.  Even better than that, the mental and physical growth that occurs with building is much more fun than work!

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