Bikes for special needs kids.

Special needs bikes questions?  Here is what we learned…

Customer letters arrive at Glide Bikes™ from many countries in many languages. They all describe the same thing:  A special child wearing a big smile who has just found new confidence and independence.  That’s because they just conquered an important childhood rite of passage:  Riding a Bike!

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Some families take the time to share their long and frustrating journey to find any bicycles for special needs kids.  They encountered limited options and companies that suggested side carts or bike trailers where their child could passively ride along.  There are also very expensive and hefty three-wheelers described as “bikes for special needs” that don’t require any balance at all, are difficult to pedal, and look much different from a bicycle.  No—it’s not the same!!

The great people at Glide Bikes™ have given serious and compassionate thought to what is really needed in the design of a special needs bicycle. To help children be successful, certain obstacles needed to go away.  Learning to balance and pedal and steer and stop all at the same time is often too much at once.  Learn more about Glide Bikes™ impressive features and construction here:


The lightweight Glide Bikes™ help children focus on the important skill of balancing first. There is a patented low center of gravity which allows children to maintain balance at slow speeds, and ergonomic steering that quickly builds rider confidence. There are optional foot pegs for children to rest feet on instead of dragging the toes of their shoes along the ground, and there are easy to squeeze hand brakes that are safe for young riders.  The foam core wheels are also a good choice for beginners–they don’t go flat.

All children benefit physically and mentally from outdoor fun and exercise.  Those with special needs may have weaker core muscle tone than most, or other specific conditions that require therapy.  A balance bike is a fundamental way to strengthen muscles, coordination, motor planning and all kinds of issues…with fun!  The mental boost from riding around on a cool looking bike in your favorite color with or without assistance, is priceless!

Glide Bikes™ stand apart not only because of their patented engineering and mountain bike quality construction, but because the company understands all parents and children have the same needs.  Needs that are not “special” at all.  Everyone wants to feel included and succeed!

Physical Therapist Dolores Reese, Easter Seals UCP, North Carolina wrote:

As a physical therapist, I found the Glide Bike to be a very beneficial tool when working with young children. The Glide Bike was especially helpful for a young child with cerebral palsy. This four year old boy has a diagnosis of diplegia. He underwent surgery to release the spasticity in his lower extremities and over the past two years has undergone intense therapy for strengthening and trunk control to walk independently.

The Glide Bike provided a means to not only strengthen his lower extremities by propelling the glider forward, but also worked on his balance and trunk control. This little boy enjoyed riding the Glide Bike with assistance, attempting to propel it independently. Although he was not able to propel the glider without assist, he benefitted greatly by giving him another means of strengthening/balance exercise that was fun!

I highly recommend the Glide Bike as a therapeutic tool when working with children. The Glide Bike can be used as a tool for generalized strengthening, endurance and balance activities regardless of the diagnosis. It is a “fun” way for children to perform an exercise activity. As they gain control of the Glide Bike it also increases their confidence.

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